Committed to health and well-being


MANA PHARMA, S.L. is a Spanish Pharmaceutical Company, with Authorization as a Wholesale Pharmaceutical Distribution Entity of Medicines for Human Use as well as a Certificate of Good Distribution Practices (BPD).

We are specialized in the Distribution of Medicines, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Active Ingredients, Excipients and other Pharmaceutical Products.

Our reputation throughout the past years is based on the quality of our work, and the confidence placed in MANA PHARMA by our clients and partners. Thanks to all this MANA PHARMA is nowadays a benchmark Company in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Values

MANA PHARMA is committed to society’s health and welfare, anywhere we are present.

Our goals are focused on our clients, suppliers and partners without overlooking the fact that the primary aim is and always will be the patient.

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    One of our most important values in MANA PHARMA is transparency, which we believe is essential to create confidence. According to our Philosophy, it is the fundamental basis for a solid and long-lasting commercial relationship.

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    Personal touch

    MANA PHARMA stands out for offering a very close and personalised customer care to anyone who requests our services. We truly believe in the importance of interpersonal relationships that go beyond mere professional collaboration.

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    MANA PHARMA is capable of easily assimilate improvements in its operational processes, if needed.

    We are keen to listen any proposal from our associates in order to make their business grow.

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    MANA PHARMA specializes in the Distribution of Medicines, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Active Ingredients, Excipients and other Pharmaceutical Products, as well as in the Import and National Distribution of Medicines in Special Situations.

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    Professionalism & Talent

    At MANA PHARMA we are resolutely committed to a highly qualified professional team, motivated, expert in the international trade within the healthcare sector, and with vast knowledge on the registration of medicines and pharmaceuticals.

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    Continuous training

    The continuous training of the team that makes up our organization is a priority, and leads MANA PHARMA to be updated in all regulatory requirements and regulations.


MANA PHARMA develops mutually rewarding partnerships with its customers, suppliers and partners based on a clear understanding of their needs and challenges. We are committed to working towards win/win health care solutions for all stakeholders – Patients, Healthcare Professionals, Governmental Health Services – that ensure that patients receive cost effective treatments.

MANA PHARMA’s goals play a central role in our daily work towards fulfilling:

Patien focus through effective and unique responses
Fast and successful Health care Solutions through effective and valuable responses
Contribute with innovative and efficient quality solutions
Development and Investment in People


MANA PHARMA’s warehouse facilities are located in Madrid (Spain).

This cutting edge site, compliant with European regulations on Good Distribution Practices (GDPs), allows us to perform our processes in an efficient manner and meet our clients’ expectations and requirements.

We have Facilities equipped with the latest technologies:

Storage space duly qualified and monitored
Access control to formally authorized personnel
Active sensors that record and transmit temperature and relative humidity
Acoustic and electronic alarm associated with a contingency plan
Fire detection and extinction system
Surveillance 24 hours 365 days