MANA PHARMA joins the first Spanish pharmaceutical hub

With the move of our offices – mentioned in the previous entry of this section – MANAPHARMA is integrated into the pharmaceutical cluster NET PHARMA, a business center for pharmaceutical companies, located in Alcobendas (Madrid).

NET PHARMA is the first pharmaceutical cluster (also known as hub) in Spain, which gathers a considerable group of companies in the Pharma sector able to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Each Company maintains its own identity and benefits from the synergies that arise with other companies located in these facilities.

In addition, this center provides meeting and training rooms, auditorium and services from the companies that compose it to all customers and collaborators of the pharmaceutical sector who have not got physical presence in the cluster.

The aim of the cluster is to value time. We can – in a single visit – approach all the companies and benefit from the services and products they offer. Some of them may redirect us to others, always driven by an important fluency in communications.