New Storage Facilities of MANA PHARMA, S.L.

Last July, MANA PHARMA, S.L. has moved its storage facilities to the new authorized warehouse for the regular performance of its activity, located in the NET-PHARMA building, on the Carretera de Fuencarral, 22 – 28108 Alcobendas- MADRID.

MANA PHARMA, S.L. has managed to expand the scope of its WDA Wholesale Distributor Authorisation) for Medicinal Products for Human Use, including, among others, non-authorised medicines within the EEA, intended for exportation.

The transfer to the new storage facilities has been a challenge for MANA PHARMA, SL, which thus manages to expand its service portfolio, and have its Headquarters and Warehouse located in the same building, which gives it greater operability and agility in its daily tasks