Professional, agile and pragmatic solutions


MANA PHARMA knows the needs of its customers and partners due to the extensive experience it has. Therefore, it offers comprehensive solutions covering several areas of competence, from the acquisition, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, to consulting services.

We align our strategy with our clients’ identifying initiatives that consolidate their long-term interests, providing competitive and lasting advantages. We listen to their needs providing an objective analysis and thus turning them into business opportunities.

Commercialisation and Registration

MANA PHARMA has a great experience in both Registration and Commercialisation of medicines, medical devices and other pharmaceuticals outside the European framework.

Commercialisation: We fulfil all enquiries received from our customers optimising the procedure sourcing the products from trustworthy and duly authorised suppliers.

Registration: The knowledge gained throughout the years in different markets makes us experts in registering pharmaceutical products in very short time. Thus ensuring continuous supply of products in those territories where we are present and therefore increasing the turnover of our partners.

Medical Equipment

MANA PHARMA commercialises a wide range of top-quality items from several of leading medical, healthcare and ergonomic brands. MANA PHARMA also carries out implementation of machinery for pharmaceutical plants as well as hospital and laboratory equipments.

We always take into account that our clients may need a customised solution, therefore we adapt to any possible scenario.


We believe that the adaptation to European Quality Standards is paramount nowadays. We assist our clients throughout this procedure and ensure full compliance with all Guidelines in force.

Furthermore for pharmaceutical plants we offer advisory services for guaranteeing that processes and facilities meet European GMP rules.

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